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Beginning Qigong

with Jampa Stewart

Clear Spring Studio
605A Copeland Street
Austin 78704

Thursday evenings. 7:45-8:45pm
February 4th-March 24th, 2016

Earlybird tuition by January 28th: $99.
Regular tuition after January 28th: $125.


Beginning Qigong

Discover for yourself the wonders of Qigong, the ancient Chinese exercise for vibrancy, health, fitness and vitality. Drop that daily stress buildup, relax, and use your mind, breath and movements to strengthen and heal yourself!

Join us and learn a series of graceful, simple, yet powerful energy flow movements that will help you integrate your new body-mind awareness into your daily life:

Lying Down Dantian Breathing Qigong
Nine Threading Breaths Qigong
Eight Brocades Qigong
• Yi Jin Jing Qigong

You will learn to apply these methods for building your own personal Qi energy, flexibility and strength, or as Qigong physical therapy prescriptions for treating specific musculoskeletal disorders and correcting internal health problems.

You'll also learn:
The history of Qigong
Categories and goals of Qigong practice
Best times and places for Qigong practice
Qigong practice safety guidelines and precautions
Regulating body, breath and mind for maximum benefit

Your Instructor

Jampa Mackenzie Stewart is the director and founder of Healing Tao Institute, a Certified Medical Qigong Therapist and Teacher, and a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Austin, Texas and Crestone, Colorado. He has taught Medical Qigong Therapy at Southwest Acupuncture College and at the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin, where he was Dean of Medical Qigong and Dean of Clinical Studies.

Jampa has taught Qigong throughout the United State, as well as in Canada, the Caribbean, Ecuador, and Thailand. He has written or served as editor on over 50 published articles, and six books.

Jampa is the past-President and board member of the National Qigong Association, and former member of the National Qigong Association's Standards and Certification Committees, which helped to develop nationally recognized professional standards for Medical Qigong therapists. Currently he is teaching a two-year Medical Qigong Therapy certification program through Healing Tao Institute.

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