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Chi Nei Tsang I:
Taoist Internal Organ Energy Rejuvenation

Jampa Stewart
in Austin, Texas

Private residential studio
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Part 1 weekend
March 4th-6th, 2016

Part 2 weekend:
March 25th-27th, 2016


Friday: 2:00-5:00pm & 6:30-9:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:30-12:30am & 2:00-5:00pm each day

36 hours total; 18 hours each weekend

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Chi Nei Tsang
is an ancient and powerful Taoist method of hands-on healing that works with the internal organs, acupressure, Five Elements and the major systems of the body, including:
• the internal organs
• the vascular system
• the lymphatic system
• the nervous system
• the tendon/muscle system
• acupuncture meridians (Chi system)
• the digestive system
• the reproductive system

These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen, acting as their control center. Chi Nei Tang uses hands-on techniques for abdominal detoxification and rejuvenation; untangling knots of nerves, lymph, and circulatory obstructions in the major systems and internal organs. This powerful healing modality integrates the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being.

Chi Nei Tsang Founder, Taoist Master Mantak Chia

Chi Nei Tsang practitioners are trained in healing Qigong and work mainly on the abdomen with a deep, soft and gentle touch to retrain the internal organs and related systems to return to healthy function and to work more efficiently. Chi Nei Tsang works with the very origin of health problems; including unprocessed emotions stored in the body.

Chi Nei Tsang can complement and enhance almost all other healing modalities, resulting in more energy and better health from the inside out. Optimum health results om the free flow of all the systems and emotions.

Massage therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists find Chi Nei Tsang to be an excellent adjunct therapy for their clients in their practice.

Chi Nei Tsang Course Objectives
You will learn:
• Hands on techniques for rejuvenating the internal organs and related systems
• Meditation skills to reduce stress and enhance chi (Qi)
• External and internal exercises for rejuvenation • The basis of the Five Element Theory
• Location of the acupuncture meridians and various points
• Observation of the face, tongue and wrist pulses
• Assessment of a client
• Basic anatomy and physiology of the internal organs and related systems from both Western & Chinese medicine
• The contra-indications and cautions of CNT
• Maintenance of records and case histories
• Holistic approach to wellness and maintaining health

Hands-on training includes:
• Internal Qigong exercises and meditations: Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile meditation and Buddha Palm Qigong.
• Energetic preparation and self-protection
• Hand Scanning Assessment
• Pulse Diagnosis
• Tongue Diagnosis
• Navel Diagnosis
• Face Diagnosis
• Opening the Wind Gates
• Balancing & Tonifying the Organs
• Detoxifying the Organs
• Balancing the Pulse
• Client Intake & Assessment Procedures
• Chi Nei Tsang self-care routines

To complete for certificate:
Students will need to complete 72 hours of in-classroom training, 10 written lessons, 100 case studies, a written and practical skills exam for certification through Healing Tao Institute and the Universal Healing Tao by Master Mantak Chia.

Your Instructor

Jampa Mackenzie Stewart is the director of Healing Tao Institute. He is a Certified Chi Nei Tsang Instructor and Practitioner by both Universal Healing Tao and the AOBTA, Senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor, and licensed acupuncturist. He currently teaches at the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine in Austin, where he earlier served as Dean of Medical Qigong and Dean of Clinical Studies.

Jampa assisted Mantak Chia in Healing Tao Teacher Trainings and retreats from 1986-1994. He also served as contributing writer and editor for Healing Tao Books from 1990-1995.

Jampa is a past board member and past-President of the National Qigong Association, and helped to develop nationally recognized professional standards for Medical Qigong therapists and Qigong teachers. Currently he also offers a two-year Medical Qigong Therapy certification program and Teacher Training program through Healing Tao Institute.

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