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Beginning Tai Chi

Simplified 24-Style
Yang Tai Chi
Chuan (Taijiquan)
with Jampa Stewart

Clear Spring Studio
605A Copeland Street
Austin, Texas 78704

Tuesdays, February 2nd-March 22nd, 2016


Earlybird registration by January 26th: $99; $125 thereafter

Develop physical and mental fitness and find a new harmony of the mind, body and spirit using this ancient Chinese art.

Starting with basic movements, warm-up techniques and breathing exercises, you will learn a short 24-step set of flowing natural movements done slowly with calmness, balance and awareness.

Mastering the essentials of Tai Chi is valuable for everyone. Tai Chi teaches centering, natural bodily alignment, optimal body mechanics, grounding, and a new and healthy integration of your posture, breath and mind. These skills help release stress and fatigue, build strength, relaxation, and maximize physical power.

Simplified 24-Style Yang Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)
Simplified 24-Style Yang Tai Chi was created in the 1950's as the National Tai Chi form in mainland China. It can be be done in as little as 5-7 minutes of practice. As a short form, it is well suited for modern people with busy lives who still desire an exercise system for fitness and health.


Tai Chi Austin Winter 2016


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