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Awaken Healing Energy of the Tao:
Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

Valley Spirit Wellness Center
6 Green Hill Road
Washington Depot, CT 06794

Fri, Nov 8th: 7:00pm:
Free & open to the public

Sat & Sun, Nov. 9th-10th:

TUITION (for Sat & Sun)
Early bird by Nov. 1st: $270; then $297
Pre-registration is required

Whether you've never meditated before and would like to start, or if you've meditated for years and want to deepen your practice, this is without a doubt the course for you.

Opening the Microcosmic Orbit is the ancient Taoist foundation for spiritual awakening and calmness, healing and martial arts. It awakens, circulates, and directs Ch'i (or Qi), our life force energy, through the two main acupuncture channels in the body.

Discover how to actually feel your Qi, your life force energy, and how to use your mind to direct it anywhere in your body for self-healing, centeredness, and inner peace.

You'll experience how to draw in and circulate special healing energy from the universe and from nature to empower your entire being, both body and mind.

You'll also learn the Inner Smile Meditation, Six Healing Sounds Qigong, and Qi Self-Massage - practical and powerful tools for transforming negative emotions into vitality and peace, reducing stress, eliminating fatigue and building your immune system.

Together these practices give you all the tools you need to revitalize and heal yourself and others. Many students have experience profound personal healing, even in their first weekend of practice!

Jampa Mackenzie Stewart, M.S.O.M., L.Ac., is the founder and director of the Healing Tao Institute

Jampa is a Senior Healing Tao Instructor and Chi Nei Tsang Instructor, certified by the Universal Healing Tao, and is the co-founder of Healing Tao USA. He holds a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC) in Santa Fe and has taught Medical Qigong at both SWAC and the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, Texas. He is also an AOBTA Certified Instructor (CI)in Medical Qigong Therapy and Chi Nei Tsang.

Jampa served as editor and contributing writer for Healing Tao books from 1989-1995, and has collaborated with Chia on several books, including Awaken Healing Light of the Tao (1993) and The Inner Structure of Tai Chi (1996). In addition, he has written several books of his own, including The Life of Gampopa (Snow Lion, 1995) and Foundations of Taoist Practice (1995). He has also written over 50 published articles that have appeared in magazines such as Tantra, Qigong Magazine, Internal Arts, Black Belt, and Tai Chi.


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