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Medical Qigong Courses
Tai Chi and Qigong Courses
Oriental Medical Theory Classes
Western Science Courses
Practice Management Courses
Elective Courses


Introduction to Qigong 101 (3 credits, 36 hrs, three 12-hr. segments)
In this first quarter of the Medical Qigong Therapy program, students will discover the wonders of traditional Medical Qigong exercises for promoting health and healing, physical fitness, mental clarity and spiritual focus. Students will learn to apply these methods for building their own personal Qi, and as physical therapy prescriptions for treating specific musculo-skeletal disorders and correcting internal health problems. This is the introductory level in our series of Medical Qigong courses, designed to prepare students to become teachers and practitioners of Medical Qigong.

Subjects covered include:

• Qigong History
• Three Regulations
• Optimum times for practice,
• Qigong precautions,
• Lying Down Dantian Breathing,
• Zhang Zhuan Standing Post Qigong,
• Fangsong Gong,
• Nei Yang Gong,
• Swimming Dragon Qigong,
• Bagua Inner Palms Qigong,
• Guanqifa Qigong,
• Microcosmic Orbit Meditation,
• Six Healing Sounds,
• Inner Smile Meditation,
• Qigong Self-Massage,
• Qigong and Stress Management
• Qigong Breathing Methods, and
• Baduanjin Qigong (Eight Brocades).

Qigong Physical Therapy 102 (3 credits, 36 hrs, three 12-hr. segments)
Students learn Lian Gong Shr Ba Fa, and other exercises for general fitness and for preventing and treating a complete range of musculoskeletal and internal disorders. You will also learn the nine exercises set from Hua Shan Qigong, and a wide range of Qigong self-massage techniques for general health maintenance and treating specific disorders.

Advanced Qigong 103 (3 credits, 36 hrs, three 12-hr. segments)
Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation I-III & Iron Shirt Qigong
Through Iron Shirt Standing Qigong, students will learn how to connect to the Qi of Heaven and Earth for grounding and rooting, and to access and store the vast reservoirs of Qi in nature for self-healing and healing others. Through Fusion of the Five Elements meditation, students will learn how to contact and transform negative emotional energy, and to open their Qi circulation in their Eight Extraordinary Vessels. You will begin to develop your sensitivity of Qi, and to use your mind to direct and guide your inner Qi circulation for health, balance, and eliminating energetic leakages.  

Foundations of External Qi Healing 104 (3 credits, 36 hrs, three 12-hr. segments)
Students will go deeper into the exercises learned in the previous quarter, and will add Buddha Palm Qigong for guiding the Qi to the hands for healing. Students will also begin to learn the fundamentals of non-contact External Qi Healing (wai qi liao fa), or emitting Qi (bu qi) for clinical application. Students will practice hand postures and manipulations for emitting and guiding Qi, methods for tapping into the limitless reserves of transpersonal healing Qi in nature (wai qi), and methods of energetic self-protection and cleansing when treating sick or unbalanced patients, and general modalities for Qigong differential diagnosis and treatments.  

Medical Qigong Assessment and Treatment 201 (3 credits, 36 hrs, three 12-hr. segments)
Students will continue to learn and deepen their practice of both non-contact and contact External Qi Healing methods for clinical application. The class will practice general modalities for Qigong differential assessment, diagnosis and treatments, as well as diagnosis and treatment for specific diseases and disorders.

Medical Qigong Assessment and Treatment 202 (3 credits, 36 hrs, three 12-hr. segments)
Students will continue to learn and practice Qigong differential assessment, diagnosis and treatment for specific diseases and disorders. Students will also learn to recognize, treat and prevent Qigong deviations. 

Clinical Practicum: 201 & 202 (6 credits, 72 hrs, six 12-hr segments)
Student interns will apply all that they have learned within a supervised clinical setting. Treatment protocols may include external Qi healing, patient education and selected Qigong exercise prescriptions for patients.
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Tai Chi Qigong: TC101 through 104 (4 credits, eight 1.5 hour weekly classes per quarter for 4 quarters) 
Beginning with basic movements, warm-up techniques and breathing exercises, students will learn a short Tai Chi set of flowing natural movements done with calmness, balance and awareness. Form corrections, further refinement of principles and martial applications, and partner exercises (tui shou or Push Hands) for developing sensitivity, and martial prowess will also be taught.


Oriental Medical Theory OMT 101-102 (6 credits, 54 hrs, two 36-hr. segments)
A comprehensive study of the foundations of Oriental medicine, specifically tailored for Medical Qigong practitioners and bodyworkers: yin-yang, five elements, vital substances, zang-fu, diagnostic frameworks and more.

Point Energetics & Location PE101-102 (6 credits, 54 hrs, six 12-hr segments)
An in-depth course covering the function and location of the 72 main acupuncture channels and over 200 acupuncture points commonly used in Medical Qigong and Oriental bodywork.


Anatomy & Physiology 101-103 (9 credits, 108 hrs, three 36-hr. segments)
Our program requires the standard one year of Anatomy & Physiology as offered at many colleges and universities. Currently Healing Tao Institute (HTI) is not offering the Anatomy and Physiology courses, since many of our students have previously completed their A&P requirements. Anatomy and Physiology is available locally in Austin through the Academy of Oriental Medicine, Austin Community College, and other institutions. HTI will accept transfer credit for these classes. If enough HTI students are interested, HTI may offer its own Anatomy and Physiology class.

CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation): CPR101 (0.67 credits, 8 hours)
This is the introductory CPR certification course. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive certification as a CPR practitioner.
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Practice Management PM201 (1.5 credits, 18 hours) 
An introduction to business practices in operating a Medical Qigong clinic. Includes Western concepts of marketing, advertising, finance, and insurance, as well as basic Feng Shui concepts for location and interior design.

Ethics and Legal Issues PM202 (0.5 credits, 6 hours)
This course will cover professional ethics for healers in the clinical setting, as well as legal issues related to operating as a Medical Qigong healer.


Healing Love Through the Tao HL101 (1.0 credits, 12 hours)
An introduction to Chinese Taoist sexual secrets. Includes solo practices for restoring and maintaining men’s and women’s reproductive health and vitality, transforming sexual energy for healing oneself and one’s partner, treatment of common sexual problems, enhancing sexual pleasure and fulfillment, and cultivating sexual energy into one’s spiritual practice.

Chi Nei Tsang I: Internal Organ Rejuvenation CNT101 (3 credits, 36 hours)
Chi Nei Tsang is a Taoist healing technique that detoxifies, regenerates and balances each one of the body’s vital functions. It focuses on the internal organs, as well as the circulation, lymphatic system, nervous system,and the acupuncture meridians (Qi system). These systems concentrate and cross paths in the abdomen, which acts as their control center.

Chi Nei Tsang uses energetic techniques and physical manipulations to untangle knots and release obstructions. It is also profoundly effective at balancing the mind, the emotions and the essential energy of Chi (Qi). It can complement and enhance almost all other healing methods.

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